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Partner with a local business in your community to raise money and awareness for the charity of your choice. This message may self destruct in 48 hours.

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You Will Receive...

·     A step-by-step guide with 10 videos and 10 lessons that walks you through each level of your mission

·     A comprehensive list of updated leadership and community service scholarships you can apply to after completing Hire Cause.

·     The specific digital tools you need to easily create your own online fundraising pages and start raising money for the charity of your choice.

·     Specific exercises each step of the way so you can develop the 5 critical skills most important in the coming decade, according to employers & colleges.

·     E-mail & phone call templates for how to reach out & find a business partner to complete your project. This may sound intimidating, but we break it down, show you exactly how to do it, & enjoy the process.

·     Tips and resources for including your experience on your college application essay. Students have already used their unique experience to get into their dream colleges, including the Ivy League.

·     Examples of cover letters and resumes so that you can see how to utilize your experience to stand out to employers for internships and jobs.

·     Access to project ideas & outlines from Hire Cause alumni. Learn from peers who have gone before you & become part of an elite group of changemakers.